Initiatives 2030

Pascal Fabie

Pascal is a co-founder of Horizon 2030. Inquisitive and lateral thinker Pascal thrives when his brain and skills are tested. Pascal holds a Marketing degree and a Masters degree in Responsibility and Business Practice.

Pascal worked in business development for large multinationals in oil & gas, information technology, and business education in Europe and Asia, culminating in his role as the Asia Pacific director for a global media group. Pascal shifted careers in 2003 and has since been working in senior leadership and adviser positions on environment, governance and gender issues with international NGOs, multinationals, and UN organisations. He enjoys working on organizational development as well as facilitating collaboration and building communities of practitioners. Pascal is a passionate sailor and fascinated by the marine world. Alarmed by the state of ocean degradation Pascal believes that all seafarers should be active custodian of our oceans. Seeing a systemic relation between poor environmental practice and gender imbalance, Pascal believes women have a key role to play to transform the maritime into a sustainable sector.

Outside of work, Pascal enjoys meditation and sailing in the Norwegian Fjords.

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