Integrated Sustainability

Pascal Fabie

Pascal is a lead consultant at Horizon 2030 and co-creator of the WoMen+Sea initiative.

For 15 years Pascal worked for large multinationals in oil & gas, information technology, and executive education in Europe and Asia. His private sector career culminated in 2000 with his role as Asia Pacific Director for Financial Times Knowledge.

In 2003, having witnessed the dire need for greater corporate sustainabilty, Pascal completed a Masters in Responsibility and Business Practice at Bath University and totally shifted his career. In the last 18 years Pascal has been working in senior leadership positions and as senior adviser for large organisations on issues related to environment and governance.

Both a strategic and pragmatic thinker with a rich cross cultural leadership experience, Pascal has adopted systems thinking, collaborative processes and action learning as his foundational practices. With Horizon 2030, Pascal works on strategy and organizational development; multi-stakeholder collaboration; and knowledge management for member states and multilateral organisations.

Pascal is also a passionate sailor fascinated by the marine world. He is alarmed by the state of ocean degradation, crimes perpetuated in the high seas, and breaches of human rights affecting seafarers. Pascal believes that these environmental, governance and social issues in the maritime sector are interconnected.

Pascal dreams of a world where all seafarers have become active custodian of our oceans to protect this common heritage of mankind, and where women in the maritime sector can better access leadership positions to accelerate sustainable practices.

Pascal is deeply involved in the initiative.

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