Initiatives 2030


Our experience shows that certain sectors remain little mobilized on important aspects of sustainability, though these are essential to their own future and vital for society and the planet.

Are these issues not pressing enough? Are we dealing with wicked problems lacking clear solutions? Is the business case for change unclear?

Whatever the answers, Horizon 2030 has set up "Initiatives 2030" to address these situations head-on.

With these sectoral initiatives we assist governance institutions strenghten regulations, and help companies reap the benefits of a new source of long-term growth by better meeting market needs and public demands for sustainability.

First initiative

Horizon 2030’s founders are passionate about the ocean and avid sailors. Consulting on ocean governance for the UN since 2018, they also became aware of the social and environmental issues affecting the maritime sector and became interested by the working conditions of seafarers and the role they could play in ocean protection. Understanding the value of systems thinking in approaching "wicked problems", they invested in researching the dynamics, synergies and trade-offs between governance, gender and environmental challenges faced by the maritime sector.

Convinced that better integrating these three aspects of sustainability could help the maritime industry while benefiting society, they started working on these issues in 2019.

logo Women & Sea was formally created in 2021 to work with key maritime actors on the following:

The protection and sustainable use of marine biodiversity and the reduction of greenhouse gas emission from ships.

Crime in fisheries and other maritime activities.

Protection of seafarers' rights and diversity and inclusion in sea-going professions

Integration and collaboration accross social, environmental and governance issues.


What we do

We work with martime actors to advance sustainable practices in the maritime, on land and at sea. We pursue this by helping our clients:

  • Strenghten talent management, inclusive leadership, gender equality, and women empowerment in sea-going professions
  • Address their sustainability challenges and strenghten their contributions to the SDGs.
  • Advance ocean governance through better global cooperation.

We use our expertise in systems thinking, collaborative approaches and learning design to identify incentives and engage levers of change across regulations, corporate policies, leadership, and talent development.