Initiatives 2030

Our purpose

Our experience shows that certain sectors remain little mobilized on important aspects of sustainability, though these are essential to their own future and vital for life on earth.

Are these issues not pressing enough? Is their business case unclear? Are solutions lacking?

Whatever the answers, Horizon 2030 has set up INITIATIVES 2030 to address these situations head-on.

We help companies in these sectors better meet market needs and public expectations for social and environmental performance.

Our initiative

Horizon 2030’s founders are avid sailors. Fascinated by the vital importance of oceans for life on earth, they became interested by the working conditions and role of seafarers in ocean health.

Having examined the issues for several years, they launched a strategic first initiative in 2019

logo Women & Sea was created to work with key maritime actors on the following:

The oceans so vital for the planet bear the full brunt of uncontrolled pollution

The high seas necessitate new forms of accountability

The maritime, a multi-billion sector facing complex people management challenges

New commitments and partnerships for gender equality and ocean health can only reinforce the maritime sector

Our work

We work towards a sustainable maritime sector.

We help our clients improve gender, governance, and environmental practices.

We engage levers of change across policies, leadership, and people management.