Forrest Chan

Forrest sees education as the key to people leading a successful life and bettering the world. He has pursued this conviction over the past 20+ years by working in the private, public and non-for-profit sector. He holds two Business degrees and a Doctor of Education degree in Organizational Leadership & Communications.

Forrest has worked for media companies and institutions such as the Open University of Hong Kong and the Caritas Institute for Community Education. After working at the operational level developing educational programmes and partnerships, including on women empowerment, devising corporate trainings, Forest now works on business and organisational development, strategic planning and repositioning of educational institutions and initiatives.

Forrest is Horizon 2030 Limited’s non-executive director in Hong Kong where he provides strategic advice on education, learning design and the Asian market. He is excited about Women+Sea because he thinks that, just like his own daughter, every woman should have equal access to educational and career opportunities that help them shape their lives.

When not working, Forrest practices mediation and enjoys reading and music.

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