Yves Bensoussan

For Yves, studying business and marketing in the 1980s was unnatural, but having good employment prospects was the dominant thinking then. His first experience as a communicator was in the ruthless world of a leading retail group. He then went on working for the two largest oil companies in France.

After creating his own communications agency, Yves spontaneously turned to clients involved in the social economy. Servicing their communications needs for over two decades, Yves has realized that alternative ways of thinking about business are not only possible, but they are also as efficient.

Yves feels much more aligned with Edward Freeman's Theory of Stakeholders than with the ultra-liberal one of Milton Friedman. As a result, mutual insurance companies, world leading cooperative banks, production cooperatives, and NGOs have entrusted the management of their image to his communication agency for more than two decades.

After living in Paris on the river Seine, as a proud freshwater sailor, Yves decided 10 years ago to sell his business and return to his native land, Brittany, and to live near the sea and for the sea. Yves now lends expertise in strategic communications to projects he cares about.

WoMen+Sea allows him to go even further in his professional and personal convictions about decent work and economic growth.

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