Gender & Human Rights

Agustela Nini-Pavli

Having spent her childhood in one of the most isolated communist countries, Agustela believes that respect for human dignity and people’s choices is essential to development.

Stela has worked as a diplomat and, for over ten years, as a consultant for various UN agencies such as UNDP, UN Women and UNFPA on human rights, gender and Leaving No One Behind. She provides technical advice to governments to develop strategies and improve legislation on gender equality, for example to address intersectional discrimination or to ensure that gender issues are considered in COVID-19 recovery. She also supports governments in fulfilling their human rights implementation and reporting requirements by mapping recommendations they receive and devising follow-up action. Passionate about learning in all its forms, she has taught university students in international law, including the Law of the Sea, and has designed and conducted trainings, such as for local judges and prosecutors on the rights of persons with disabilities in various countries.

Her academic background is in law and international development. She also completed the Rhodes Academy of Oceans Law and Policy and is part of the WoMen+Sea initiative.

Agustela enjoys travelling and reading. She is very interested in the work of young and up-and-coming women novelists.

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