Systems Change & Facilitation

Charles O'Malley

Charles O'Malley is a strategist, networker and change agent whose work focuses on catalysing positive social and environmental change in government, business and wider society.

For the past six years he has been a senior advisor to UNDP, advising on private sector engagement and on systems change strategies. His work currently focuses on how ‘systems thinking’ approaches can support more effective sectoral transformation in global food and agriculture in order to address critical climate, biodiversity and livelihood issues – particularly by strengthening multi-stakeholder collaboration for systemic change.

Charles also brings many years’ experience as a social entrepreneur and sustainability consultant, following a decade in venture capital, investment banking and audit. He has advised some of the world’s leading companies on corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy, stakeholder engagement and reporting. Charles is well known for his extensive network in the sustainability / corporate responsibility world and for bringing together sustainability leaders for dialogue and peer learning.

Charles brings to WoMen+Sea his interests in systems change and in facilitating deeper trust and relationships between diverse stakeholders to build the foundations for effective collaboration and sectoral transformation.

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