Governance & Human Rights

Julia Kercher

Julia is a lead consultant at Horizon 2030 and a co-creator of the WoMen+Sea initiative.

Ever since she had to defend the legality of her election as a student president, Julia has wondered how rules shape people and how people shape rules. She holds a Law degree and a Masters degree in International Development.

She worked with international NGOs, UN agencies and governments, using her multi-disciplinary background to increase synergies between different policy areas (e.g. human rights and poverty reduction, governance and fisheries) and to facilitate accountability of governments to their people. Julia was very involved in the birth of the 2030 Agenda, providing substantive and strategic advice to member states during the drafting and negotiation process, and co-coordinating the global consultation that led to SDG 16 on Peace, Justice and Inclusion.

With Horizon2030's work on WoMen+Sea, Julia is combining two things close to her heart. The sea which has always been her element and women leadership, which she thinks the world needs more of and which has a larger meaning for her since she became a mother.

Outside of work, Julia has one foot on land (as a yoga teacher in a women’s shelter) and one foot in the water (as an avid sailor).

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