Corporate Sustainability

Kate Chapman

Kate is a lead consultant of the WoMen+Sea initiative.

Kate enjoys co-creating new initiatives, especially when they promote lasting change and personal development.

Her Masters degree in Responsibility and Business Practice was a life-changing experience and shaped her consulting practice. Over the last 15 years Kate has worked for businesses – from start-ups to large corporates – as well as for non-profit organisations. She developed The Green Blue environmental education programme for the RYA and British Marine which has raised awareness and triggered significant action towards the environmental impact of recreational boating in the UK. She has also worked for World Sailing on their early sustainability strategy.

Kate helps businesses achieve social and environmental performance certifications and develop leadership programmes. She is familiar with the maritime industry and the intergovernmental processes of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

She is part of WoMen+Sea because the initiative tackles an issue close to her heart - ocean health – and because it is innovative, collaborative and potentially transformative.

In her free time, Kate loves sailing in the Solent with the family boat.

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