Gender, Diversity & Inclusion

Maria Soledad Riestra

Soledad is a lead consultant and researcher of the WoMen+Sea initiative.

Soledad believes people and business need better tools to make the changes towards sustainability. She holds a Masters degree in Responsibility and Business Practice and is pursuing a PhD in Organisational Change.

For the past 15+years, Soledad has worked with educational institutions and the private sector, including large corporates. With a background in HR and organisational change, Soledad has worked with multinationals globally in talent development, Diversity and Inclusion, and people transformation projects. She designed and coordinated diversity and inclusive leadership programmes for Europe, Middle East, India and Africa for one of the Big Four. As a sustainability consultant and entrepreneur, she founded EcoEd, a game App that connects individuals of all ages around the world to learn about their environmental footprint and improve their sustainable daily habits. Soledad is also a certified trainer for the 2030SDGs game.

Women+Sea excites her because the initiative tackles two issues she burns for – sustainability and diversity - in a constructive and solution-oriented manner.

Outside of work, Soledad volunteers for local charities organizing clean-ups of polluted coastal areas.

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