Marine Research

Mark Lever

Mark has always been fascinated by natural ecosystems and how they are impacted by human activity. After earning a Masters degree in Marine Ecology and a PhD in Marine Sciences, he is currently a professor of environmental microbiology at ETH Zurich. His research focuses on marine ecosystem ecology and marine microbiology.

Mark collaborates with many academic institutions throughout Europe, Asia, and North America, and has held leadership positions in international scientific organizations (e.g. the Cooperation of Science and Technology in Europe and the Deep Carbon Observatory). He has also collaborated with the private sector, notably the aquaculture industry. He has participated in numerous oceanic research expeditions including several with the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program to investigate the role of sediment microorganisms in the global carbon cycle.

WomMn+Sea combines Mark’s strong interest in the marine environment with his goal to contribute to a sustainable, humane, and equitable human society.

Mark almost became a professional musician and is still a passionate tuba player when he is not cooking or gardening with his children.

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