Human Resources

Henry Tardieux

Henry is a humanist and believes that changing the world starts by changing oneself. Henry’s favourite quote is by Montesquieu: “To do great things one must not stand above men, but among them”.

Henry has always worked in human resources management, climbing the corporate ladder to top positions in the private sector. Over his private sector career Henry has handled all aspects of HR, employee relations and people management for medium-sized businesses to large industrial corporations. He has also helped companies secure significant EU financing for staff re-training, managed complex industrial relations, and advised investors on businesses’ viability from a human capital perspective.

Henry supports WoMen+Sea because it addresses gender inequalities that he has witnessed so often in various industrial sectors. He believes that HR ought to approach women empowerment and women leadership as important conditions for business performance, not only for compliance with anti-discrimination regulations or CSR purposes.

Henry is an avid History reader and an eager collector of vintage comic strips.

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